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The ORKNEY Companion

Front cover of The Orkney Companion bookThis 58-page book is just bursting at the seams with information for guitarists learning the beautiful Orkney tuning
(C-G-D-G-C-D). Written by Topher Gayle.


The book features:

  • Over 600 chord voicings organized by key. See a sample chord page.
  • Tips for the DADGAD guitarist looking for something new
  • Eight tunes in TAB and score with chord grids
  • Four useful scale fingerings
  • Tips on capo use in Orkney
  • More! See entire Table of Contents


You can download a page of easy, useful Orkney chords for free (PDF format).


The following wonderful artists use Orkney tuning. Check out their websites!

  • Steve Baughman. Steve is one of the planet's most enthusiastic Orkney evangelists, with many Orkney tunes on his recordings.
  • Bill Hammond. You can hear Orkney on his tunes Mark's Motorbike, Hector the Hero, and If I Gave You.
  • Chris Proctor. Chris writes philosophically about alternate tunings in general and Orkney tuning in particular.

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