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= Books ===

Front cover of Hand Over the Chords book

Hand Over the Chords!
How to Read Chords from a Guitar Player’s Hand

Improve your jamming skills!
This book helps you learn how to identify the chords to a tune on the fly by watching (“reading”) a guitar player’s hand. Experienced musicians frequently use this technique to enable them to play along on tunes they don’t know. The material is presented in a format designed for non-guitar players. Read more ...

$22 USD

Orkney book cover

The Orkney Companion

Invaluable for learning the Orkney guitar tuning.
A 58-page book just bursting at the seams with information for guitarists learning the beautiful Orkney tuning (C-G-D-G-C-D). Includes chord voicings, tunes in TAB and score with chord grids, useful scale fingerings, and more.

Read more ...

$22 USD

= Recordings ===

The cover of the CD Fiddle in a Tree

Fiddle in a Tree

Topher Gayle


Fiddle in a Tree is a collection of instrumental tunes written by Topher that explores many evocative moods and styles. Read more ...

$15 USD

The cover of the CD Waltz of Wings

Waltz of Wings

Mercury Rising


Featuring fiddle tunes written by Topher, this CD represents the music that Mercury Rising plays at contra dances. Fiddle, piano, and a mix of guitar, mandolin, percussion, and octave mandolin drive a groove that draws dancers onto the floor. Read more ...

$15 USD

The cover of the CD She's So Hot!

She's So Hot!

Topher Gayle


This CD is a delightful combination of fun and good music, spanning a wide range of subjects and styles. Read more ...

$12 USD

Front cover of Briarwood CD showing acoustic instruments

Put Another Bullet in the Jukebox



Toe-tapping, bluegrass-inflected songs, some traditional and some original. Read more ...

$12 USD