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She's So Hot!

Front cover of the CD She's So Hot


This CD is a delightful combination of fun songs and good music, spanning a wide range of subjects and styles. A reggae song about love and larceny, a jazz song about menopause, a Caribbean-inflected song about baking cookies, and an acoustic rock song about elevators are just a sampling of this trip into Topher's imagination.


Warning: these songs might make you smile. They might even cause you to chuckle or laugh.

$12 USD

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  1. Ex-wives Make the Best Wives lyrics >
  2. I Like to Be a Handyman ("Don't drink and drill") lyrics >
  3. Elevator lyrics >
  4. She’s So Hot! lyrics >
  5. Take a Look at Her Mom lyrics >
  6. One ACME Heart lyrics >
  7. Jammin’ with the Timer lyrics >
  8. Gold Tooth lyrics >
  9. First Choice lyrics >
  10. I Ain’t Looking at You lyrics >