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Handouts of Instructional Documents

The following instructional documents are available for free. I developed them for my students, to help them learn and improve their musical skills. Because the materials are intended to document or supplement information discussed in lessons, they may not be entirely self-contained. They may assume some additional knowledge.


The documents are in PDF format. You must have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can get it for free on the Adobe website (www.adobe.com). Clicking on a document will open the document within the Adobe Reader. You can then save the document on your computer and/or print it.


The 1-4-5 Shortcut for Guitar Using Bar Chords

Explains what is meant by 1-4-5 chords, and shortcuts for playing them on the guitar using bar chords.


The 1-4-5 Shortcut for Mandolin Using Closed Chords

Explains what is meant by 1-4-5 chords, and how you can use two closed chord shapes to easily play 1-4-5 tunes.


The 1-4-5 Chords

Explains what is meant by 1-4-5 chords and how to figure out what they are.


Diagram of Fretboard Notes

Fretboard diagrams for guitar and mandolin showing the note names at all locations. Includes a piano keyboard diagram for additional reference.