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Listen to the Mandonator™

Below is an assortment of audio and video featuring the Mandonator™. The audio will sound best if played through decent stereo speakers or headphones. Laptop speakers or the like will most likely not sound so great.


Demonstration Audio

The following sound samples were recorded using Mandonator™ serial #2. It has 5 strings tuned EADGC (high to low), making it both a resonator mandolin and mandola.

1. Three C Major Scales

Here I play three C major scales across all five strings. The first scale is picked near the end of the fingerboard for a mellow tone, the next is picked halfway to the bridge, and the third is picked about an inch from the bridge for a nice twangy sound. The middle tone is probably the tone I use the most, though I like the neck tone a lot, too.


2. Shopping

A swingy little tune which I call Shopping. It features Mandonator™ on melody. Backup includes string bass, guitar, and finger pops. I think the tone is perfect for this kind of music - almost like an electric mandolin.

"That Mandonator™ has some exceptional tone, especially on that swing. Excellent job. Looks great too." - Don Grieser


3. Rusty Bucket

My waltz, Rusty Bucket, played fingerstyle on solo Mandonator™. It's hard to play fingerstyle on a double-course instrument, but it works well on this single-course instrument! I use just the lower four strings in this tune; it's in mandola range.

Samples from CDs

The samples below are from tracks on audio CDs.

1. Ex-wives Make the Best Wives

2. Jammin' With the Timer

From Topher Gayle, “She’s So Hot” CD
My CD has Mandonator™ on a number of tracks, but these two songs have a Mandonator™ chorus. It’s a unique, groovy sound!


3. Utah Lady

From Alan Bond, “Old Guitars” CD
The CD features Alan’s 5-string Mandonator™ (#7) on 3 cuts. This sample is his Mandonator™ solo from his song, “Utah Lady.” He creates a wistful, sweet mood with it, which is just right for the song.


4. Lonely Once Again

From Bill Sharpe; Bill Marson & Lorissa Kate, “Country Done Right” CD
Bill invited me to play Mandonator™ (and other instruments) on his CD. On this song, the Mandonator™ is backed up by steel guitar for a nice Western Swing feel.


This is Megan B. Lynch Chowning, showing off her new Mandonator™ the day after receiving it.



This one's just for fun. Watch out for that thunderstorm! I'm playing Mandonator™ #8, an octave 5-string.



I'm playing "Frankenstein" Mandonator™ #13, a multiscale 5-string in its current incarnation.



David is playing Mandonator™ #8, an octave 5-string.



David is playing Mandonator™ #4 (a 4-string) and I'm playing Mandonator™ #8



David is playing Mandonator™ #8, and I'm playing "Frankenstein" Mandonator™ #13