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Gallery of Mandonator™ Instruments

Are you prepared to be tempted by some lovely instruments? This Gallery contains photos and details about some custom Mandonators™ that have been completed. Click the title for a given instrument to go to its own page. Enjoy the eye candy. Maybe you'll find ideas for the Mandonator™ of your dreams...



Thumbnail of Mandonator serial 2Mandonator™ Serial 2
5-string mahogany, camatillo rosewood binding, cutaway, ebony fingerboard, snakehead headstock with walnut veneer


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Thumbnail of Mandonator Serial 3Mandonator™ Serial 3
4-string rosewood, koa binding, striped ebony fingerboard and rosewood veneer headstock bound in koa, decorative Abalone inlays

Thumbnail picture of Mandonator 4

Mandonator™ Serial 4
4-string walnut instrument with rosewood binding, ovangkol fingerboard, curvy paddle headstock with walnut veneer, and fancy design inlays on fingerboard and headstock

Thumbnail of Mandonator serial 5Mandonator™ Serial 5
4-string mahogany, ebony binding, no cutaway, two round soundholes, banjo-style headstock and tuners

Thumbnail of Mandonator serial 6Mandonator™ Serial 6
4-string mahogany, rosewood binding, ebony veneer headstock, decorative mother-of-pearl inlays

Thumbnail of Mandonator 7Mandonator™ Serial 7
5-string bubinga body and headstock veneer; curly maple heel cap and binding on body, fingerboard, and headstock

Thumbnail image of Mandonator 8

Mandonator™ Serial 8

An octave mandolin-mandola; 5-string rosewood body with ebony binding and herringbone purfling; multiscale

Thumbnail image of Mandonator 9Mandonator™ Serial 9
5-string monkeypod body with rosewood binding; Japanese maple leaf inlay on fingerboard and headstock

Thumbnail image of Mandonator 10Mandonator™ Serial 10
4-string palo escrito rosewood body with camitillo rosewood binding; no cutaway; round sound holes

Thumbnail of Mandonator 11 Mandonator™ Serial 11
5-string wenge body with ebony binding and headstock veneer; all black hardware; custom headstock inlay

Thumbnail picture of Mandonator 12

Mandonator™ Serial 12
4-string canarywood body and neck with ebony headstock veneer; no cutaway; round sound holes; custom headstock inlay

Thumbnail of Mandonator 14

Mandonator™ Serial 14
5-string East Indian rosewood body and headstock veneer; curly maple binding; Honduras rosewood fingerboard

Thumbnail photo of Requintonator 15

Requintonator™ Serial 15
Short scale resonator guitar (6 strings), tuned as if a standard guitar had a capo on the 5th fret. Khaya body and headstock veneer; Indian rosewood binding; Tung oil based varnish

Thumbnail of Mandonator 16

Mandonator™ Serial 16
4-string Khaya mahogany body with curly maple binding; elaborate Gold MoP and Paua "nouveau" inlays on headstock and fingerboard

Thumbnail of Mandonator 17

Mandonator™ Serial 17
4-string quilted maple body with rosewood binding; quilted maple neck; snakehead headstock with African ebony veneer

Thumbnail of Mandonator 18

Mandonator™ Serial 18
4-string mandola; Khaya mahogany body with dark stain; African ebony binding with boxed maple purfling; banjo shaped headstock; volute; custom coverplate

Thumbnail of Mandonator 19

Mandonator™ Serial 19
4-string Khaya mahogany body with ebony binding; Khaya mahogany neck; snakehead headstock with ebony veneer

Thumbnail of Requintonator 20

Requintonator™ Serial 20
Short scale resonator guitar (6 strings), tuned as if a standard guitar had a capo on the 5th fret. Wenge body with koa binding and herringbone and W-B-W purfling; Honduran rosewood fingerboard; sunburst stain on maple neck