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Photo of Mandonator 16

= Mandonator™ Serial #16 ===

This is a 4-string resonator mandolin. It was commissioned by Sue L.


The optional features she chose are:

  • 4 strings with 13.875" scale
  • Khaya mahogany with curly maple binding
  • No cutaway
  • Two round soundholes, lined with African ebony
  • Khaya mahogany neck
  • Snakehead head shape
  • Ebony headstock veneer
  • Gold MoP and Paua "nouveau" inlays on headstock and fingerboard
  • Orrico tailpiece and Gotoh Stealth tuners
  • Stain and Formby's satin tung-oil finish


Standard features include:

  • Spherically arched back
  • Nickel plated hardware
  • Radiused fingerboard
  • Spider bridge and resonator cone



Photo of the back of Mandonator 16


Photo of the tuners


This is the first time I've used Gotoh Stealth tuners on an instrument. We chose them because they're very light weight. As you can see, there's a minimal amount of metal.


Photo of the inlay on fingerboard and neck

The "nouveau" inlays turned out quite beautiful on the headstock and fingerboard. They really glow when light hits them!


Photo of the inlay on the headstock

Here's a closer look at the inlays.


You can see photos of this instrument under construction on its Shop Talk page.

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