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Photo of the front of Mandonator 11

= Mandonator™ Serial #11 ===

This instrument was commissioned by Nashville fiddle star Megan B. Lynch Chowning.


The options she chose are:

  • 5 strings with 14.295" scale
  • Wenge body with ebony binding
  • No cutaway
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Abalone dot position markers
  • Snakehead shape headstock with Ebony veneer
  • Custom Fiddlestar logo inlay on headstock
  • Ebony binding
  • Maple saddle and black horn nut
  • Black Gotoh 510 Mini tuners
  • Black cast James tailpiece
  • Gayle design resonator coverplate


Standard features include:

  • Spherically arched back
  • Mahogany neck
  • Radiused fingerboard
  • Spider bridge and resonator cone
  • Two traditional F-shaped soundholes
  • Glossy lacquer finish by Addam Stark of Santa Cruz



Photo of the backside of Mandonator 11

The ebony binding almost disappears against the glossy black Wenge body.


Photo of the headstock of Mandonator 11, showing the two inlays

Custom abalone inlay of Megan's Fiddlestar logo in the Ebony veneer headstock.

Mandonator 11 in its custom made case

Here's Mandonator™ #11 in its custom-fitted Cedar Creek case.

This is Megan, showing off her "stealth" Mandonator™ the day after receiving it. Why "stealth?" Well, how clearly can you see it against her black outfit?


You can see photos of this instrument under construction on its Shop Talk page.


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