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This photo is a front view of Mandonator 12

= Mandonator™ Serial #12 ===

This instrument was commissioned by Alan S.


The options he chose are:

  • Four strings with standard 13.875" mandolin scale
  • Canarywood body with canarywood binding
  • No cutaway
  • Two round, ebony-lined soundholes
  • Canarywood neck
  • Ebony fingerboard with gold MoP position marker dots
  • Snakehead shape headstock with ebony veneer
  • Custom headstock inlay
  • Ebony saddle and amber buffalo horn nut
  • Black tailpiece and Gayle design resonator coverplate
  • Gold Steinberger gearless tuners


Standard features include:

  • Spherically arched back
  • Radiused fingerboard
  • Spider bridge and resonator cone
  • Glossy lacquer finish by Addam Stark of Santa Cruz



This photo shows the canary wood back and side of Mandonator 12

The variation in the grain and color of the canarywood is lovely. Alan wanted a gold and black instrument and that's certainly how it looks.


This photo shows the headstock of Mandonator 12 with the smiley face inlay

Alan requested the inlay design based on a favorite T-shirt of his. The Steinberger tuners are gearless and work quite well.

You can see photos of this instrument under construction on its Shop Talk page.


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