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Picture of the front of Mandonator 9

= Mandonator™ Serial #9 ===

This is a 5-string mandolin-mandola.


The optional features are:

  • Five strings with scale 14.295"
  • Monkeypod body with rosewood binding
  • One F-shaped soundhole
  • African ebony fingerboard
  • Multi-colored mother-of-pearl Japanese maple inlays on head and fingerboard
  • Snakehead shaped headstock and African ebony veneer
  • Gotoh 510 Mini tuners; James tailpiece
  • Gayle design resonator coverplate


Standard features include:

  • Spherically arched back
  • Mahogany neck
  • Radiused fingerboard
  • Spider bridge and resonator cone
  • Cutaway
  • Maple saddle and amber buffalo horn nut
  • Gloss nitrocellulose finish by Addam Stark of Santa Cruz



Picture of the back of Mandonator 9

The rosewood binding accents the gorgeous wood of the monkeypod body very nicely. An extra maple leaf inlay found a home on the heel cap.


Picture of the Japanese maple leaf inlay on the neck and headstock

The Japanese maple leaf inlays glisten in light, and shift color as you move the instrument around.


Picture of the inlay on the headstock of Mandonator 9

A closer look at some of the inlay.

You can see photos of this instrument under construction on its Shop Talk page.


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