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A Look Into the Workshop

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= Zoukinator™ Serial #21 ===

This resonator Irish Bouzouki was commissioned by Robert L.


The options he chose are:

  • 4 string Irish bouzouki with 26.75" scale (tuned GDAD)

  • Walnut body with rosewood binding and white purfling
  • Boxed maple purfling
  • Round ebony-lined soundholes
  • White Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Snakehead headstock shape
  • Black Gotoh 510 Mini tuners
  • Black cast James tailpiece
  • Fishman pickup
  • Clamp-on ebony armrest


Standard features include:

  • Spherically arched back
  • Radiused fingerboard
  • Spider bridge and resonator cone
  • Gloss nitrocellulose finish


Photo of the gathered parts for Bouzoukinator 21

The parts for Zoukinatorâ„¢ 21 have filled up its dedicated shelf drawer.

Photo  of the back pieces of Zoukinator 21 being joined

The two halves of the back are being joined. The back pieces are on a "dished" form and are weighted with sacks of gunshot. Yes, gunshot; a small sack is quite heavy and molds to different shapes. The result will be a spherically arched back.

Photo of the top and back wood plates for Zoukinator 21 after joining

Here's the wood for the top (left) and back after their two halves have been joined. You can see that the back has a decorative inlay strip along the centerline.

Photo showing the sides of Zoukinator 21 being joined

The sides are joined using end blocks. The sides are held in a form and the end blocks are clamped in place at each end. Here you can clearly see the block at the neck end of the instrument. Wax paper separates the outside of the instrument body and the form to prevent any glue seepage from joining them together.

Photo of the sides for Zoukinator 21 after joining and installing lining

Here you see what the sides look like after they've been joined and the linings have been installed along the edges.

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